Genealogie van de familie Schledorn

Schledorn Family Tree

This website gives information about the "Dutch Schledorns", the descendants of Aloys Johann Schledorn and Geertruida Berendina Evers, as well as information about their ancestors and relatives.


The American branch of this Schledorn Family Tree started with Aloys' brother Johann Joseph Schledorn.


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Marietje, Alfons, Bernard, Josephine, Clara
Agnes, Aloys, Woutje, Doni, Berendina, Dily, Anton, Hermine



September 18, 2015 - 2:27:28 p.m.
Statistics — Genealogie van de familie Schledorn

This family tree was last updated on September 3, 2019.

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Total users
Latest birth year
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Latest death year
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Individual who lived the longest
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Average age at death
Males: 61   Females: 64
Family with the most children
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Average number of children per family
Top 25 surnames
Schledorn, (von) Schledorn (144), Wolbert (84), Olde Weghuis (47), Gommans (21), Stockhorst (15), van den Braak (15), Teeling (15), Hovens (15), Roeloffzen (12), Weustink (12), Evers (12), Vintges (11), Rigter (11), Louwers (10), Probst (9), Bult (8), Kloppenborg (8), Konieczny (8), Wagener (8), Bocktenck (8), Spitholt (7), McCourey (7), Jonkman (7), Hackfort (6), Wischen (1)
Top 25 given names
Maria (74), Johanna (28), Elisabeth (18), Anna (17), Marie (11), Wilhelmina (10), Helena (8), Agnes (7), Antonia (7), Hendrika (7), Catharina (6), Josephina (6), Margaretha (6), Theresia (6), Geertruida (6), Aleida (5), Berendina (5), Petronella (5), Hermina (5), Louise (4), Francisca (4), Christina (4), Theodora (4), Elizabeth (4), Elisabetha (3)

Antonius (25), Johannes (22), Bernardus (17), Bernard (12), Johann (10), Maria (10), Gerhardus (9), Jan (8), Wilhelmus (7), Marinus (6), Hendrikus (6), Joseph (6), Willem (6), Theodorus (5), Jacobus (5), Franciscus (5), Gerrit (5), Albertus (5), L. (4), Hendrik (4), ... (4), Paulus (4), Nicolaas (4), Dominicus (4), Aloijs (4)

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Gerhardus Carolus TeelingSeptember 3, 2019 - 12:41:04 p.m.maschle
On this day
Johanna Louisa BremmersSeptember 19, 1905114Birth
Upcoming events
Martinus Gerhardus Even + Cornelia Johanna SmuldersSeptember 20, 193386Marriage
Henri Paulus Joseph TeeuwenSeptember 21, 200910Death
Frans Nicolaas “Frank” SchledornSeptember 22, 197643Death
Bernardina Angela Maria “Dina” SchledornSeptember 23, 198633Death
Alphonsus Dominicus Antonius WolbertSeptember 24, 192891Birth
Kenneth Raymond ParmenterSeptember 26, 1909110Birth
Maria Johann Bernard Schledorn + Maria WeustinkSeptember 26, 1895124Marriage
Johann Bernard SchledornSeptember 27, 1889130Death
Maria Johanna Geertruida BrouwerSeptember 28, 1904115Birth
Lambertus “Bets” Olde WeghuisSeptember 28, 1860159Death
Hendrikus Johannes Olde WeghuisSeptember 29, 1875144Birth
Reinierus Antonius “Reinier” ter BogtOctober 1, 200415Death
Theresia Catharina KloppenborgOctober 1, 198732Death
Franciscus Herman Antonius WolbertOctober 1, 192693Birth
Edmund KoniecznyOctober 2, 1912107Birth
Johanna Maria Geertruida “Han” Olde WeghuisOctober 3, 1909110Death
Hermannus uijt oude Graavenhuijs + Aleida Oude HeuvelOctober 3, 1785234Marriage
Antonius Roghus Andreas “Antoon” SchledornOctober 5, 196653Death
Theodorus Bernardus KloppenborgOctober 5, 193980Death
Francina Maria Allegonda “Siny” KoningOctober 6, 199623Death
Edmundus Fredericus Marinus van HeesOctober 6, 1884135Birth
Lucia Sophia “Lucie” RömkensOctober 10, 1916103Birth
Gezina “Sina” Olde WeghuisOctober 10, 1874145Birth
Gezina “Sina” Olde WeghuisOctober 10, 1874145Death
Maria “Marie” Olde WeghuisOctober 10, 1874145Birth
Maria “Marie” Olde WeghuisOctober 10, 1874145Death
Aleida Gerharda Francisca “Leida” Olde WeghuisOctober 11, 1905114Birth
Maria Theresia HaggenburgOctober 11, 1891128Birth
Aleida Geertruida Johanna Olde WeghuisOctober 12, 1901118Death
Johannes Antonius “Jan” TeelingOctober 13, 197742Death
Maria Christina KrampsOctober 13, 1892127Birth
Marinus Antonius “Marinus” Olde WeghuisOctober 14, 1911108Birth
Andries EversOctober 14, 1834185Birth
Norbertus Ardianus WagenerOctober 15, 1882137Birth
Edmundus Fredericus Marinus van Hees + Margaretha Alberta TeelingOctober 15, 1919100Marriage