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Katharina Elisabeth Paul1826

Katharina Elisabeth Paul
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Katharina Elisabeth
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Roeloffzen/ Roeloffsen Family history Erin S (View posts) Posted: 20 Jul 2005 3:35AM GMT Classification: Query Surnames: Roeloffzen/Roeloffsen I am looking for some information on a Carl Roeloffzen/ Roeloffsen and his wife Elizabeth Paul who died in October 6, 1853. Their daughter was Johanna Maria Elizabeth Roeloffzen/Roeloffsen. I believe the family is German. Any information on any of these individuals would be greatly appreciated Thank You Erin Re: Roeloffzen/ Roeloffsen Family history t_roeloffzen (View posts) Posted: 15 Jan 2008 1:22PM GMT Classification: Query Surnames: Roeloffzen Hello, The family is Dutch until the year 1200, before that they came from the Alsace and Flandre. In the 19th century a part of the Roeloffzen family went to Germany. A part of them came back to the Netherlands and another part is stil living in Germany. Whe have a family tree until the year 1200. All the people who are named Roeloffzen are family. You are looking for Karolus (Karl) Roeloffzen, he is born at 5th of August in 1835 in Haaksbergen in the Netherlands, he maried with Katharina Elisabeth Paul (born 14th of December 1826 in Gescher , Germany) They had 5 children. Karl was one of the first steam/millers in Westfalia. When you give me your emailadres I can mail you what I have about them. There is also a book (208 pages) called 800 years in straigt line, the genealogy Doys van Loil Roeloffzen With kind regards, Theo Roeloffzen