Bekijk hier de kopie (en werkende backup) van de Silver Circle Moon Calendar, gemaakt door Merlin Sythove.

The Silver Circle Moon Calendar is (C) Merlin.

A moon calendar: why bother?

What is the point of a moon calendar for us, today? It is obvious that we don’t need it to keep track of time. Solar calendars and atomic clocks are far better in doing that. And that is exactly the reason why we need one: we are ‘caught’ in time, in minutes, seconds and nanoseconds, and we have lost out sense of the processes that are going on around us.

Modern day humans are multi-tasking: they do a tiny bit of everything at the same time. Work whilst you commute, phone whilst you drive, eat whilst having a meeting, read whilst you walk. And at the end of the day we moan that we haven’t done anything, that we don’t seem to get anywhere, that nothing is finished and that there is always more work waiting to be done. Why? Because we won’t allow ourselves to carry one thing from inception to completion! We can’t see the processes anymore because we only see little bits at a time, and we only do little bits at a time. Efficiency dictates that people should be utilised as very simple machines that can only do one thing. And as soon as machines are clever enough to do this bit, the person becomes obsolete.

It is clear that we have lost something. We have lost contact with life. People are living beings, not clever machines, but unfortunately the economy has no use for living beings, only for machines and computers. And very slowly some people start to realise this as well. Computers are being made ‘user friendly’ which means in effect that they are far too complex for people to understand, so they must be made to look simple, like humans…

This is exactly where a moon calendar can become the tool to put us back on track. At first, we may still need the solar cycle or some other sort of ‘rule’ to keep the moons in step with the solar year. But only until we have re-established the link with the cycles of life once more. Then we can let go of the ‘rule’, and we are once again close enough to nature to feel when a particular moon governs nature. And the moons do actually influence nature and natural processes such as the weather or human relationships far more than we think!

I hope that the Silver Circle Moon Calendar can help in this process to re-discover our link with the cycles of life, and that instead of a book that may appeal to the intellectual side of our nature, the artwork will appeal to the magical and mystical side of our nature!


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